bd ai inverter technology

8 Unique Features of BD Air Conditioner
AI INVERTER Technology

bd ai inverter air conditioning
stability control of BLDC
  • Predict the torque shortage & over speed of the compressor to react the torque compensation correspondingly.
  • More adaptive (than the Parametric control) by introducing the Auto-Learning & torque compensation to the compressor control for optimal COP and EER.
  • Smooth speed ramp up & down for the compressor control, low vibration and noise while the compressor starts up

with very low RPS.

bd ai inverter control
typical sin-foc control
bd ai inverter technology-multi-safety
  • Fuse built inside the AC power terminal block and could be triggered to protect the machine if overheat occurred due to inrush current or the terminal block not fastened well.
  • No power supplied from DC to capacitor while power switch off; high voltage is discharged to ensure the safety of maintenance also extend the lifetime of capacitor.
  • Power Factor Correction could be adjusted based on the needs to stabilize the compressor control and enhance the power factor.
  • Fault Alarm sending to MCU while temperature & current of motor or compressor is abnormal, and the unit will take protective actions immediately.
  • Fuse will be triggered to avoid countercurrent back to the unit while the fan rotation reversed.
  • Control refrigerant flow on optimal amount to achieve better efficiency via electric expansion valve.

bd ai inverter technology-noise suppression
  • White noise detection algorithm.
  • Numerical Simulation on flow turbulence reduction of indoor/outdoor fan.
  • Very low noise at the very low speed mode of compressor and indoor/outdoor fan.
bd ai inverter technology-noise suppression
  • Stability of high voltage.
  • Current profile of compressor & fan.
  • High temperature alarm of IPM & compressor & fan.
bd ai inverter technology-event report
  • L/N/C to UART.
  • Wifi communication.
  • Blue Tooth/ Zigbee/ Z-wave.
  • PLC communication.
bd ai inverter technology-self-diagnosis
  • First operation time.
  • Total operation time.
  • Unstable AC supply voltage.
  • Abnormal operation current.
  • Refrigerant leakage.
  • Communication fail.
bd ai inverter technology-energy saving
  • Compressor control by low drive voltage (MTPA/MEPA).
  • Effectively reducing power consumption of IPM by well design of heat-sink and placement.
  • Maximum reducing the required stable power to maintain the indoor temperature.

Cool Down Air Flow

Temperature Evenly

bd ai inverter technology-robustness designed
  • Acrylic resin coating against water, insect and static.
  • Surge protection.
  • Enlarge cross-section area of high current circuit.
  • Reduce weight by using small inductor of PFC.
  • Control box improved to block the heat source and prevent the spread of naked flames.

Enlarge Cross section

Water Proof Coating

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